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Last Updated: 8/11/2018 [A.G. C.D.T.] {12:09 PM}

You are entering into Fuantum Thought... a strange experiment into the unknown.
You have the following options at your disposal... but first, know that you are not going to be followed.
Nobody has to know that you have been enlightened or learned anything here at Fuantum Thought.
Some people believe that secrets are to be secret, and others feel they should be shared.
The truth, however obscure, always comes to the light. The truth is the light. And light is the truth!
When we pay the power bills, folks, we are paying for our existance in a most important way!
How is money made? We all wonder where and how money is made at some point in our lives.
Why are some things free and other things cost a lot of money?
It is in the resources used and allocated for each of us, that is where the money is.
There are limited resources and only so many people who make food and stuff.
This is for a wide range of people, and I thought it should be said in this way.
Now, I am going to make available the old websites here...
and here is the other old website, from Angelfire and Tripods, collected together... click here to access that.
I have unfortunately lost my homunculus files and the LDGM pictures...
which I wish for you to send to me, in the future... at fuantum@gmail.com
please, anyone, anyone, who has anything of my files, please send them to me, at fuantum@gmail.com...

As this site develops, we are going to work together to make it awesome for you. You may want to refresh the page, it might get stuck in your cache.

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Here are some thought files for you...

Ideas about Remembering
Remember These Things If You Wish
Remember Shorts

Backwords Important Body Mind Soul

Here is THE FURDJIUM....

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Here is an old document sky-lurking in the cloud, ready for you...Click here to download it, passwordiswingeniuszip.pdf....

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CHRONO SYNCLASTIC INFUNDIBULUMS are not, cannot be, incompatible with, SWABBLES made from HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS

Here are some sketches of work you may find helpful in your own work on yourself:

Energy Seal
Energies and Me
A Night's Work
"Cosmic Rays of Hydrogens"
Three Storied Factory
Evo Symbols ( X Gene - Mutant Superpowers Etc. )
Hydrogen Extravaganza

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